On March 8th he was being evicted from his house due to ownership changing.  He was having an issue finding an apartment.  He finally found an apartment, however, he needed help with the deposit.  Through giving tree, he was able to put the donated money down on his apartment.  He used the majority of his check for the first month’s rent.  He didn’t have much money left over to buy groceries.  At the facility, we got him a gift card to his favorite grocery store.  He moved into his new apartment Friday, March 12th!  He is very happy and appreciative.

-Brandon S, March 2021

“I would like to thank you for helping me during a time my life was turned upside down overnight. Because of you, I was able to gather myself and my thoughts, make smart decisions, and start recovering instead of submitting to the overwhelming situation that had happened and giving up or worse, start taking the wrong path. You were there for me when nobody else could be. It is nice to know there are still good people in this world. You are awesome. And I hope you continue to do what you do because you make a positive difference in a crazy world.”

-Anthony M, November 2020

“It’s great knowing that I have a work place that wants to look out for their employees especially during difficult times. Leaving my family to serve overseas isn’t an easy decision, but knowing that I have a supportive workplace means the world to me and my family.”

-August 2020

“Thank you to all  who were  involved in the monetary gift of $1000.00. Due to the sudden passing of my husband, the gift meant so much during our time of need. The condolences and support from my work family.

Have been tremendous in our process of grief.”

-On behalf of Lihna Harris, August 2020

“I am writing this letter in appreciation for being the recipient of the Giving Tree. Testing positive for Covid-19 and staying home was a strain on me and my family. The surprise of being nominated by my co-workers was very overwhelming and there are no words to express the gratitude I have. Being a part of the Granger Nursing Home and Campbell Street Services family is a true blessing. I am so excited to be back at work with my residents and co-workers. Thank you for everything you have done!”

-Melissa Tibbetts 5/21/20

“In August 7, 2018 we held a back to school supply “store” for our employees. BHCP Giving Tree gave a generous donation for us to purchase items. Employees were then able to “shop” for items for their children and grandchildren free of charge. We had the school lists available and tried to purchase most of the items that were on the list for the different school districts. It was a nice help for many of our employees to not have to worry about the added expense of going back to school.” 

-Becky Pennick, Administrator

“CC was a good employee who was a single mom in a bad relationship and was trying to move herself and her daughter from a bad situation.  Because of the Giving Tree program she was able to make this happen. CC was able to move herself and her daughter away to another part of the city.  I remember how relieved CC was when she found out that she was going to be able to keep her daughter safe. She was very grateful for the opportunity that the Giving Tree provided.”

-Topeka, KS 2019

Here is an overview of Tina’s situation when The Giving Tree assisted her:

Tina has been with us for approximately ten years and is a pillar of this community. During an exterior property walk, I noticed a car parked in the employee parking area that had visibly worn tires, which was a safety hazard for the driver and others. I returned to the manager’s office with my walk through report and mentioned this auto, which was determined to belong to Tina. I asked Tina if she was aware of this matter and she confided in me that she was unable to afford tire replacement at the time. She shared with me that she is a single mother and helps raise her grandchildren and that she was extremely short of the funds needed for auto tires. 

I had just recently learned about The Giving Tree and reached out to Sarah Jacoby for details and the request to support Tina was approved. It was determined that Tina needed tires immediately and I relayed that to the Birchwood team. We were able to move quickly and expense the tire purchase at the management company level and later receive reimbursement from The Giving Tree, which allowed us to serve our team member quickly and create a safer environment for herself and others around her. The generosity of this program was deeply appreciated by Tina and the gesture demonstrated an employee focused work environment, which had not been the case (as described by the community manager) prior to Birchwood’s ownership of the community.

-Forest Park, GA